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الساوند سيستم

iVENCS Public Address

iVENCS Public Address allows full control of public address systems across multiple sites, buildings and railway stations, all from within an intuitive 3D model.

Multiple Site and Station Management

iVENCS is the control system at the forefront of providing a complete control system for entire railway networks. iVENCS as a Station Management System (SMS) allows for the control of long-line public address (LLPA), for networks with public address systems and equipment spanning multiple platforms and stations. From within the one iVENCS control system, users can navigate between various stations on the network via a top-level line map, drillling down to the 3D model of the station and platform that they wish to monitor and control.

See Announcements in Real Time

With iVENCS Public Address, users can directly select certain areas, or zones, on the 3D model to make direct live broadcasts or play pre-recorded announcements to the selected areas. iVENCS displays areas on the 3D model that announcements are being made to with their priority level indicated by the coloured shading of the area. For example a red shaded area could indicate a high-priority evacuation message is being played to that area, whilst a yellow shaded area could indicate a regular passenger information announcement is currently being broadcast.



Live and Pre-Recorded Announcements

With iVENCS Public Address, users can directly select certain areas or zones on the 3D model to make live broadcasts, play pre-recorded announcements and make Text-to-Speech broadcasts. iVENCS can even control the playback of background music around the site, where different choices of background music can be set for each area or zone, and the volume of each music source controlled as required. There is an option for a built-in MP3 playlist facility, which can run four music playlists within the iVENCS software.

iVENCS Public Address also provides the functionality to playback announcements in multiple languages, where the user can set a default language or set of languages for any particular type of announcement.

The Message Builder within iVENCS Public Address enables users to assemble public address messages from one or more stored message fragments. Users navigate an easy to follow wizard within iVENCS to build messages, inserting specific information such as departure times, destination stations, and even car number plates.

Broadcast Scheduler

The inbuilt Broadcast Scheduler allows any recorded public address announcement or Text-to-Speech message to be automatically played at regular, timed intervals, whether it be particular days of the week, between certain times of the day, set with specific start and end dates.

The Broadcast Scheduler is useful for setting up automated security and safety announcements and for scheduling routine broadcasts such as passenger transfer and train arrival and departure information.